IMDO Director, IMoD: Iranian Presence in Region and Precision Munitions – Heightened Threat Level. Israel Prepares Accordingly.

December 4, 2019

Israel Homeland Security:

Israel is now threatened by a complex challenge, and the advent of precision weapons is a game-changer. This was the message of the presentation by Moshe Patel, Director, Israel Missile Defense Organization, IMoD, the agency responsible for the development and manufacturing of missile defense systems at the 8th Israel Air and Missile Defense Conference and Exhibition organized by iHLS, IMDA and ISAA on December 2.

“Israel’s missile defense alignment, developed by IMDO, DRDO, has completed an important year of accomplishments and successful moves,” said Patel. “These were demonstrated by the Arrow missile tests in Alaska and in Israel, and the complex tests of David’s Sling system, vis a vis the threats that are appearing in the arena. In addition, major changes were integrated into the Iron Dome array, reflected by the successful interceptions and the defense of the citizens of the State of Israel.”

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