Dozens Of Chinese H6-K Bombers Conduct 9-Hour Live-Fire Drills As Tensions Rise Over Taiwan

April 20, 2021

The EurAsian Times:

Dozens of Chinese PLA’s H6-K aircraft reportedly conducted a nine-hour long aerial bombing exercise after US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga expressed deep concern over Taiwan.

PLA’s Eastern Theater Command, which overlooks the Taiwan Strait, conducted the nine-hour long live-fire exercise over the weekend, the South China Morning Post said quoting state television reports.

The H-6K strategic bombers flew in combat formations in low-visibility situations from a military airport situated in eastern China and headed towards an “unknown shooting range” as reported by CCTV. It further said that this high-intensity, long-hours, day-night training was aimed at increasing the assault capabilities and improve actual combat capabilities.

The H-6Ks were also seen practicing electronic countermeasures mid-flight with their air-defense missile units. Upon reaching their targeted air space, they dropped the bombs from different altitudes in a free-fall manner.

The aircraft were found dropping bombs in a free-fall manner in remote areas of northwestern Qinghai province…

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