Chinese military vessels detected near Taiwan missile test areas

April 7, 2021

Focus Taiwan:

Two Chinese military vessels have been detected near Orchid Island since Tuesday as Taiwan began a three-day missile test Wednesday in the area.

The military-run National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) announced in March that it would hold two missile tests at Jioupeng Military Base in Pingtung County, from April 7 to 9 and April 13 to 16.

As is normally the case, the institute did not reveal the reason for the missile tests, nor did it disclose the weapon systems to be tested.

A retired NCSIST employee told CNA, however, that the military will likely fire rockets from its extended-range Ray-Ting 2000 artillery multiple launchers in the first test, judging from the danger zone established during this period.

The zone covers waters from Orchid Island to Green Island off the coast of southeastern Taiwan, according to the NCSIST notice…

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