Chinese media praise new air defense missiles

July 20, 2018

Asia Times:

China’s media has been praising its next generation of air defense systems, with the state-owned military-industrial complex China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp taking the lead. Party mouthpieces have been bragging about the might of the central processing units, or CPUs, and the control systems being mounted on new anti-air missiles.

“Metaphorically put, these control systems are all capable of guiding a needle to fly 1,000 kilometers to pierce the eye of another needle,” Wang Mengyi, the deputy head of the CASC Second Academy’s General Design Department, told the People’s Daily.

The paper also heaped praise on researchers from the academy’s Zhang Yiqun Laboratory, a team that played a vital role in the development of the control systems, in particular the algorithms central to guiding the launch and re-entry of the missiles.

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