China urges United States to restrain frontline forces in nearby seas

April 30, 2021

The Economic Times:

The Chinese defense ministry urged the United States on Thursday to rein in its frontline forces which Beijing has said have become more active in the air and seas near China this year.

China has frequently maintained that a U.S. military presence in the South China Sea, East China Sea, and Taiwan Strait is the main destabilizing factor in the region. The United States has said it has freedom of navigation in these areas, which China regards as its geo-strategic backyard.

Since U.S. President Joe Biden U.S. took office in January, operations of U.S. warships in the seas around China have risen by 20%, while the activity of U.S. reconnaissance aircraft has risen by 40% compared with last year, Chinese defense ministry spokesman Wu Qian told a press briefing on Thursday…

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