China To Test Dong Neng-3 Anti-Satellite Missile

December 12, 2016

Defense World:

China is readying to conduct next week a flight test of Dong Neng-3 missile that can destroy satellites in space.

Test preparations for the Dong Neng-3 anti-satellite missile were detected at a military facility in central China, according to Pentagon officials familiar with reports of the impending test, FreeBeacon reported Friday.

Intelligence agencies were alerted to the impending test by China’s announcement of air closure zones covering the expected flight path of the DN-3. The flight test could come as early as Thursday, the officials said.

The missile tests were expected from the People’s Liberation Army satellite launch facility known as Jiuquan, located in Inner Mongolia. Further a second launch complex is at Korla, located in Xinjiang, western China, Asia watcher Henri Kenhmann reported on his website this week.

The expected tests were based on Chinese government announcements of air closure areas for Dec. 7 and Dec. 8 near those sites.

The flight tests could involve a missile defense interceptor test, Kenhmann said. China’s ballistic missile defense and anti-satellite missile programs are closely intertwined…

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