Check out Iran’s new liquid-fuel missiles with a detachable warhead

September 23, 2022

Bulgarian Military:

Iran unveiled two new missiles during a military parade on September 22. These are the Rezvan and Khaybar Shekan missiles. Both missiles are locally produced, developed by, and manufactured by military experts in the Aerospace Department of the IRGC [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps].

The Rezvan is categorized as a medium-range surface-to-surface ballistic missile. Rezvan is a liquid propellant and detaches its warhead during flight or before impact. The warhead charge is currently known to be a conventional high explosive or HE. Its maximum operating range is 1,400 km. According to Tasnim News Agency, the Rezvan can be launched from fixed and mobile land vehicles.

Khaybar Shekan is categorized as a long-range missile system. According to the Iranians, it is a third-generation surface-to-surface missile. This missile is also a liquid propellant and has a detachable warhead. The maximum range is 1,450 km, which is more like a medium-range missile than a long-range one, as the Iranians claim.

Tasnim News Agency claims that the Khaybar Shekan is a highly maneuverable missile. According to the Iranians, the missile can penetrate anti-missile shields.

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