Army 2017: Russian missile manufacturer has confidence in the future

August 22, 2017

Russian Aviation Insider:

Tactical Missiles Corporation is one of handful Russian defense industry corporations that may report consolidated net income. Last year the corporation’s income reached almost 17 billion rubles (more than $280 mln) with the revenue topping 172 billion rubles. TMC Director General Boris Obnosov told Show Observer about the new recently developed products and those being under development now.

— Mr. Obnosov, how can you estimate the recent State Defense Procurement cuts effect on the corporation’s business?

– State Defense Procurement has been continuously growing for the last five years. Whereas in the beginning of the century the ratio was about one to ten in the favor of exports, today State Defense Procurement makes up about 70%. Both exports and State Defense Procurement have been growing with the latter growing faster. I hope this fact won’t be taken as a sign of another militarization of Russia. The time has come to replace the arsenals that were made in 1980-1990s; it’s as simple as that.

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