Space Force Will Look At How to Hack Targets From Space

May 25, 2023

Defense One:

Two Space Force troops are helping the Air Force’s information-warfare wing explore the future of offensive space operations, the leader of Space Operations Command said Wednesday.

The Guardians are embedded with the 16th Air Force, which, among other missions, supplies cyber specialists to U.S. Cyber Command, he said. 

“Today, U.S. Cyber Command has offensive cyber capability. And one of the things they think about is how to leverage offensive cyber, cyber for space purposes in the future. Who better to be thinking about that and being the people executing that than cyber Guardians?” Lt. Gen. Stephen Whiting said at a Mitchell Institute event. “There’s still a lot of work to be done to figure out a timeline moving forward, but we’re laying the groundwork for starting to figure that out with these first two exchange personnel.”

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