L3Harris’ missile-tracking satellites will use a newly designed Maxar bus

September 22, 2022

Space News:

Under a $700 million contract from the U.S. Space Development Agency, L3Harris will build 14 satellites using a new Maxar bus. 

The satellites will be part of a missile-detecting and tracking network being developed by the agency.

Maxar Technologies CEO Daniel Jablonsky said the bus selected by L3Harris is a new product the company designed for low Earth orbit constellations. The new bus is slightly smaller than the Legion model the company designed for its next-generation imaging satellites. 

L3Harris and Northrop Grumman were selected by the Defense Department’s space agency to each produce 14 missile-tracking satellites for a low Earth orbit constellation known as the Tracking Layer Tranche 1.  The 28 satellites will be part of a global network to detect and track ballistic and hypersonic missiles. 

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