Riki Ellison Presentation at SMDWG – January 2021

On January 28th, 2021, MDAA’s Chairman and Founder Riki Ellison presented to the Space and Missile Defense Working Group (SMDWG) Chartered by NDIA-Tennessee Valley Chapter of Huntsville, Alabama in a virtual event lasting 90 minutes.

Mr. Ellison presented on several topics during the event, ranging from the placement of SPACECOM in Huntsville, AL., the confirmation of new Defense Secretary Austin [i], and the specific international threats that may arise in 2021. Regarding specific threats, the increasing abilities of Iran, Russia, China and North Korea stand as most poignant, with the rise in smaller and non-state missile usage remaining an area of concern.

Transcript for the Event:

SMDWG January 2021 - Transcript

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Video of the Presentation:

Times for areas of note in event:

26:44 Comments on Secretary Austin.

29:24 Threat posed by North Korea.

31:54 Threat posed by Iran.

35:11 Threat posed by Russia.

37:52 Threat posed by China.

40:18 Proliferation of missiles to conflicts and non-state actors.

44:19 NATO integrated air and missile defense.

44:41 Pacific Deterrence Initiative.

52:33 Specific Comments on Guam and the Aegis ashore system. ​