USAF Secretary Gives Ominous Warning That Show Of Force Needed To Deter Space Attacks

April 12, 2019

The Drive:

Outgoing Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson says the United States may need to conduct a show of force to deter opponents, such as Russia and China, from attacking U.S. military satellites in space. But it wasn’t entirely clear whether this would involve demonstrating the ability to attack an adversary’s own space assets only or if it would even show an ability or willingness to attack hostile space-based systems at all.

This cuts to a larger issue, that no one really knows for sure what a war in space would actually look like, though the United States is certainly working to answer that question.

Wilson offered her view on the future of potential conflict in space to reporters on the sidelines of the Space Foundation’s 35th annual Space Symposium, which began on Apr. 8, 2019.

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