Spain set to approve €7.3-billion weapons program

December 14, 2018

El Pais:

The Spanish Cabinet is set to approve three weapons programs worth a collective €7.3 billion, according to sources at the Defense Ministry.

The programs include the construction of five F-110 class frigates between 2019 and 2032 at a cost of more than €4.3 billion, the purchase of 348 army vehicles worth €2.1 billion to be delivered in 2025, and €906 million in upgrades to the Eurofighter aircraft.

Since Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez of the Socialist Party (PSOE) came to power in early June, the government has also approved the release of nearly €1.2 billion in cost overruns for S-80 submarines, €1.4 billion for communications satellites, €819 million to upgrade Spain’s Chinook helicopters, and close to €1.4 billion to buy NH-90 helicopters.

After the Cabinet greenlights the new budget allocations on Friday, the government’s total expenditure on defense will rise to €12.1 billion. What ministers will be approving is the spending ceiling for these programs, not the contracts themselves, which should materialize next year.

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