Space Force gets its first vice chief of space operations

October 8, 2020



Gen. David “DT” Thompson is officially the U.S. Space Force’s first vice chief of space operations, following a small swearing in ceremony at the Pentagon, on Oct. 2.

The former vice commander of the now-defunct Air Force Space Command has effectively served as the Space Force’s No. 2 under Chief of Space Operations, Gen. John “Jay” Raymond, since the service was created in Dec. 2019. However, the move officially transfers him from the Air Force to the Space Force. He has also been promoted to a four-star general.

“The importance of the vice service chief is to be an equal partner with other vice service chiefs to advocate and provide the space perspective in Pentagon processes,” said Thompson. “Vice service chiefs work together to make sure the advocacy is right, the priority is right, the integration is right, the requirements are right, and decisions brought to the Joint Chiefs and Department Secretaries reflect all of that appropriately.”…


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