Russia extends service life for SS-19 Stiletto ICBMs to over 36 years

May 29, 2019

Tass  – The service life of UR-100N UTTKh (NATO reporting name: SS-19 Stiletto) intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) operational in Russia’s Strategic Missile Force has been extended to the world’s longest term of over 36 years, CEO and Chief Designer of the Research and Production Association of Machine-Building Alexander Leonov told TASS on Tuesday.

“UR-100N UTTKh missiles have the longest term of their combat duty and now this term has been extended to over 36 years, which provides for these missile systems’ operation in accordance with the plans of the Strategic Missile Force. The task of ensuring such a long term of the system’s operation while keeping its combat and technical characteristics has been solved for the first time in the world,” the chief executive said.

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