Rafael, Lockheed Pitch Spike Missile For Army Helicopters

October 5, 2018

Breaking Defense:

Three weeks ago, US Army experts traveled to the Negev Desert to watch a test of the latest, longest-range version of Rafael’s Spike missile. Fired from an Israeli AH-64 Apache, the same gunship used by US attack helicopter squadrons, the Spike NLOS struck a target 20 miles away — four times the range of the standard US Hellfire.

“The missile hit the target with maximum precision,” Moshe Elazar, head of Rafael land systems, proudly told Breaking Defense. While the US Army hasn’t yet made an official request for the system, Elazar said that the Israeli armsmaker and its US partner, aerospace giant Lockheed Martin, are now in talks “that I’m sure will lead to a contract in the very near future.”

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