Poland accelerates new SHORAD effort in wake of Ukraine; are regional customers possible?

May 9, 2022

Breaking Defense:

When British giant MBDA and the PGZ-Narew consortium signed a late April agreement to work together on Poland’s homegrown Narew short-range air defense system, it was a major moment for a domestic Polish defense industry that can feel looked down upon by the Western powers.

But it also highlighted the simple fact that, after two and a half months of war in Ukraine, one of the biggest lessons is that SHORAD capabilities might be the difference between life and death — and Poland is paying attention.

The Narew system will be used primarily to engage multi-role aircraft, cruise missiles and UAVs operating on low altitudes, in order to protect Polish Armed Forces units, facilities and air bases. It will work as a compliment to the Wisła medium range air defense and anti-ballistic missile system — the Polish name for the American-made Patriot system whose delivery is planned to start this year.

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