Pentagon Shapes Future War: Advanced AI Enables Integrated Attacks in Matter of Seconds

September 20, 2021

CNN Newsource:

The Army’s “Project Convergence,” the Air Force’s “Advanced Battle Management System” and the Navy’s “Project Overmatch” are the names each service gives to an AI & autonomy-enabled network of interwoven “meshed” nodes operating within a broad multi-domain warfare environment.

The defining concept, or strategic impetus for each of these respective efforts is clear and fundamental current technological modernization efforts, as it is based upon the premise than any combat platform or “node,” whether it be a fighter jet, tank, ground control station or surface ship, can operate not only as its own combat-capable “entity” but also as a critical surveillance and warfare information “node” able to gather, process, organize and transmit time sensitive data across a large force in real time…

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