Naval Group launches Alsace FREMM frigate

April 26, 2019

Shepard Media:

Naval Group has launched the first of two FREMM frigates with reinforced air defence capabilities being built for the French Navy at its shipyard in Lorient, France.

With a length of 142m, Alsace has a displacement of 6,000t and can achieve a maximum speed of 27kt. The vessel can accommodate 119 personnel (+ 14 for the helicopter crew).

The vessel is equipped with the multifunction Herakles radar, Aster 15, 30 and Excocet MM 40 missiles, the MU 90 torpedo, reinforced radar and communication capabilities, optimised mast, and the SETIS combat management system with specific anti-air defense functions.

The frigate will provide air defence support to the French Navy’s Charles de Gaulle aircraft-carrier within an aero-naval or amphibious group.

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