India’s Advanced Missile Defense Shield: Implications For Contemporary South Asian Security Environment – OpEd

December 15, 2020

Eurasia Review:


Over the last few years, India has been carrying out an overwhelming and offensive military modernization program. This has been primarily inspired by its long-term strategic goal of achieving the status of great power. At the same time, India aspires to dominate the regional security environment with the provision of a strong military outlook. In pursuit of this objective, India has been enhancing both its conventional and unconventional capabilities.

In this regard, while maintaining an aggressive military posture, India’s major focus has been to ensure a multilayered and advanced missile defense shield. This has been materialized with the provision of both endogenously-developed and foreign-acquired missile systems that are capable enough of providing a non-penetrable air defense shield. As such, this has further added to the air defense capabilities of the Indian military.

These capabilities, in turn, would likely undermine Pakistan’s strategic deterrence posture. Consequently, the Indian military modernization drive, with more focus on the provision of a multilayered air defense shield, would bring long-lasting implications for the contemporary regional security environment in general, and Pakistan, in particular…


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