India conducts first missile test firing from nuclear submarine INS Arihant

December 2, 2015


India’s first locally developed nuclear submarine INS Arihant has completed test firing of an unarmed medium-range missile, developed by Defence Research Development and Organisation (DRDO).

The firing of DRDO’s unarmed B-05, India’s first submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM), which is capable of carrying a nuclear-tipped warhead will allow the country to launch a nuclear missile from air, land, and sea, reported IANS.

Marking the completion of the country’s nuclear triad, the test fire was conducted at a remote location by the Strategic Forces Command (SFC), the country’s nuclear command authority, which is tasked with creating nuclear deterrence.

Additionally, the submarine has completed its critical diving tests and power option tests, meeting most of the designated parameters.

However, before the submarine is formally inducted in the Indian Navy as INS Arihant, it will perform the test firing of armed missiles, reported the news agency.

Powered by an 85MW capacity nuclear reactor, INS Arihant can achieve surface speeds of 12k to 15k, and submerged speeds of up to 24k, carrying a crew of 95.

In addition, the 6,000t nuclear submarine is equipped with torpedoes and missiles, including 12 ballistic missiles.

The country’s other nuclear-powered submarine, the INS Chakra, which has been leased from Russia, is said to be currently incapable of firing nuclear missiles.

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