How The Space Development Agency Can Succeed

September 4, 2019

Breaking Defense:

When new entities fail, it’s most often due to the fact they don’t do what they do better than their competition (differentiated value proposition is the business term) and they lack investment in talent and technology. But there are other challenges.

The lingo of management can be witheringly dense and is often incomprehensible to outsiders, as is often the case with militaries and intelligence agencies. Troy Thomas has done an admirable job in this and one other op-ed of understanding what the military is trying to do and recommending in clear English how they can do it more effectively and efficiently. The subject of this piece, the Space Development Agency, has been lurching from birth to near death to widespread incomprehension. What is this offspring of the Office of Secretary of Defense trying to do that the Air Force and NRO aren’t already doing, many wonder? How can it recover from a number of stumbles? Read on for some answers! The Editor.

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