Greece Concerned Over Turkey’s Acquisition of Russian Air Defense System

April 19, 2019

Greek Reporter:

Greek Defense Minister Evangelos Apostolakis on Thursday expressed his concern with Turkey’s purchase of the Russian-built S-400 air defense system.

Apostolakis said in a television interview that Ankara’s acquisition of the system will completely change the situation in terms of airspace control over the Aegean.

At the same time, he stressed the need for Greece to acquire F-35s or other aircraft to boost its own air defense so that there is a balance of power.

Turkish press reports last week suggested that Turkey will use the S-400 missiles to ”shield the Aegean” from the Greek Air Force.

Regarding the Aegean coast, Turkish daily newspaper Milliyet noted that the three most possible locations for the missiles to be located are Izmir, the Dardanelles, or the region of Mougla.

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