Electronic warfare is ‘new frontier’ for US Missile Defense Agency

March 30, 2023


The U.S. Missile Defense Agency is contending with what its director dubbed a “new frontier” of invisible threats to its mission, with foreign militaries sharpening their electronic warfare and cyber capabilties.

The MDA is tasked with developing and deploying layers of missile-killing systems to protect the U.S. as well as its deployed forces and interests abroad. Key to the assignment is detecting what’s actually incoming, calculating where it will land and quickly deciding the best means of interception, all of which is made more difficult by jamming and cyber harassment, according to Navy Vice Adm. Jon Hill.

“When I look at the future, and I think about the problems we face, beyond all of those different trajectory types and warhead types, for me it becomes the electronic attack and protection side of the house,” he said at a March 24 event hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank. “We have to make sure we are as resilient as possible. We’ve been working on the cyber aspects.”

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