Eielson F-35s drive rise in Alaska military construction

February 1, 2019


As Anchorage’s economy is set to emerge from the state’s recent recession this year, Fairbanks is receiving a major boost from the expansion of Eielson Air Force Base.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers spending, which will support basing dozens of new F-35 Lightning II stealth fighters at Eielson, comes as the state faces a $1.6 billion deficit.

Corps spokesman Randall Lee Bowker says the work promises to make 2019 “a historic year” for its Alaska District.

“At Eielson Air Force Base, with the bed-downs of two F-35 squadrons – 48 aircraft – we are constructing all the facilities to support them,” Bowker said. “That will span fiscal years 2016 to 2020, but this is our peak year.”

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