Cruise missiles to be fought at strategic level – Part 2

December 10, 2020

Army Recognition:


A two-component system can offer a way to fight cruise missiles. The first component is a joint use of forces engaged in cruise missile fight. The second one is an organizational-technical system capable of implementing the methods to fight cruise missiles. It provides a complex strategic approach to cruise missile fight, and unites arms and various command levels.

The first component calls for the commander of a group of troops to determine in peacetime the strength of weapons, cruise missile engagement stages, and methods to fight them depending on the mission and expected conditions. It promotes a complex engagement of all forces of the group in the strategic direction against cruise missiles.

The exposure of adversary plans is one of the elements to be fulfilled at all levels. The integration of specific actions against cruise missiles into the common strategic fight of the group of troops can increase the reliability of information on adversary actions in each expected situation, which is important in the initial stage of a war characterized by a massive use of various cruise missiles…


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