CNO Richardson Calls for Tougher Actions in Gray Zone Conflicts with Russia, China

February 7, 2019

USNI – WASHINGTON, D.C. — The chief of naval operations upped his rhetoric regarding Russian and Chinese “gray-zone” aggression, saying the Navy needed to put pressure on Russia instead of passively reacting to the European competitor and calling for more “muscular” enforcement of rules of the sea when it comes to China.

Adm. John Richardson said at the Atlantic Council today that the Navy needed new concepts when it comes to dealing with Russia and China in gray-zone or competition short of conflict types of interactions. Much attention has been given to concepts and technologies for a potential high-end fight, but the CNO gave several examples of ongoing competitions that required a heftier U.S. response.

When asked by an audience member about how to deal with Russian aggression and military buildup in the Eastern Mediterranean and in the Black Sea, Richardson called for going on the offensive to put Russia on its heels.

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