China teases Japan in East China Sea, sends 67 ships near Tokyo-controlled Senkaku islands since April: Report

June 23, 2020

TimesNow News

China’s territorial hunger and thirst of strategic expansions has ruffled the wrong feathers not just with India but also countries sharing the waters of East China Sea. Japan, for instance, has been fairly a global player since the World War but the tables have considerably turned in these 75 years.

There’s a storm brewing and China is once again at the centre of it, guiding the wind and steering the vessel. Only this time it’s not India.

East China Sea is a crucial stretch of contention between China and Japan and the Red Dragon’s advancements and disputed claims over the Senkaku/ Diaoyu islands could possibly spark a new political tension in Asia in the coming years.

While China shares its borders (land and sea) with 14 countries, it is at loggerheads with most of them, including islands such as Taiwan.

Tensions around the East China Sea stretch, roughly 1,200 miles (1,900 kilometres) southwest of Tokyo, have been brimming for years. With both countries claiming over the region for hundreds of years, neither Japan nor China is expected to pull their mast down over the territory which is considered “a national birthright” in both Beijing and Tokyo, according to CNN.

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