Bolstering U.S.-Japan technology ties is key to deterring threats in Asia

January 13, 2021

Defense News:


A top security issue for the incoming Biden administration must be forging closer technology ties with Japan, as a counterweight to the trinity of mutual adversaries we face in Asia.

The ascendancy of China, combined with the technological know-how of Russia and the ever-mercurial North Korean regime, present a combined threat that is increasingly destabilizing to the region, and highly worrisome for both Washington and Tokyo. As a result, nurturing the U.S.-Japan relationship has never been more important.

President-elect Joe Biden and new Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga must find ways to improve the relationship and telegraph strength and cooperation to dissuade adversaries. One essential way to do this is for both countries to work closer on procurement of weapons and weapon systems.

The United States and Japan have traditionally worked well together on specific, one-off projects where Japanese companies have demonstrated expertise. For example, the anti-ballistic missile that shot down a mock North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile in November, was a joint product of Raytheon and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries…


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