Azerbaijani drone blows up Armenian modern air defense system

November 10, 2020

Defence Blog:


On Monday, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan released footage that showed a drone attack targeting a new Armenian Tor-M2KM surface-to-air missile (SAM) system.

The Tor-M2KM is a modern short-range air defense system that Armenia received from Russia last year.

A video statement published on the Ministry of Defense website said that, on November 9, at 15:50, the Armenian Tor-M2KM SAM, which was used against Azerbaijani aircraft and placed between the private houses by the enemy in the Khojavend direction of the front, was destroyed by precision-guided munitions.

A video, released by the Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense, shows an Azerbaijani combat drone tracking an Armenian Tor-M2KM and blowing up the air defense system…


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