Algerian Army reveals Russian ballistic missile for first time: video

November 16, 2020

Al-Masdar News:


A video clip from the Algerian Ministry of Defense showed the capabilities of the Algerian Armed Forces, including their powerful missile arsenal, which includes Iskander ballistic missiles: the appearance of the Iskander ballistic missile for the first time in Algeria.

In the video, the Algerian Armed Forces showcase their Russian-made Iskander missiles for the first time.

This was first reported by the Algerian Al-Nahar newspaper, noting that the missile appeared for the first time during the second minute of the Defense Ministry’s report titled “Only the Land of Algeria.”

They continued, “During the video, the Iskander ballistic missile, which is from the Russian military industry, appeared for the first time,” noting that the maximum range of the Iskander ballistic missile is 280 km…


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