Missile Defense News

January 20, 2015

Russia may send S-300 missile system to Iran: RIA

Reuters Russia may fulfill the delivery of S-300 air defense missile systems, long delayed after Western pressure, following a meeting between

January 15, 2015

India: Govt sacks DRDO chief and architect of Agni missile Avinash Chander

Times of India: NEW DELHI: The government on Tuesday removed chief of top Defence Research and Development Organization Avinash Chander,

January 15, 2015

Top Expert: North Korea Could Have 20 Nuclear Weapons By The Time Obama Leaves Office

Business Insider: Within the next two years North Korea could have enough fissile material to build a nuclear arsenal of

January 15, 2015

North Korea appears to be equipping sub to fire missiles, group says

CBS (AP): WASHINGTON (AP): Recent satellite imagery appears to show that a North Korean submarine is being equipped to fire

January 15, 2015

The North Korean Threat: Nuclear, Missiles and Cyber

U.S. State Department Testimony Sung Kim Special Representative for North Korea Policy  Testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee Washington, DC

January 14, 2015

Russia to Merge Air, Space Forces in 2015: Defense Ministry

MOSCOW, January 13 (Sputnik) – Russia will create an Air-Space Force from the merger of its Air Force and Space Forces in 2015,

January 14, 2015

Russia Could Revise Commitment to START Due to ‘Unfriendly’ US Actions

GENEVA, January 13 (Sputnik) — Russia could revise its commitment to the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) in response to ‘unfriendly’ US actions,

January 14, 2015

Imagery: North Korean Submarine Houses Missile Tubes

Defense Tech – Evidence has appeared in recent commercial imagery that a new North Korean submarine has up to two

January 14, 2015

Iran Building Missile Sites in Syria

The Washington Free Beacon – Iranian military leaders admitted this week to building and operating missile-manufacturing plants in Syria, where it

January 13, 2015

Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces to Conduct Over 100 Drills in 2015

Sputnik MOSCOW, January 11 (Sputnik) — The Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) of Russia are planning to conduct over 100 drills at various levels in 2015, SMF