Missile Defense News

January 5, 2022

North Korea test launches ballistic missile in 1st provocation of 2022

CBS News: Tokyo — Japan and South Korea said on Wednesday that North Korea had launched a suspected ballistic missile that landed outside

January 4, 2022

Japan set to develop railguns to counter hypersonic missiles

NikkeiAsia: The Japanese Defense Ministry will develop a means to intercept hostile missiles using magnetically powered projectiles, sources told Nikkei

January 4, 2022

China unveils new LY-70 mobile short/medium-range air defense missile system

ArmyRecognition: The LY-70 is a mobile medium and short-range air defense missile system based on 6×6 military truck chassis. The

January 3, 2022

China claims to have beaten US to develop next generation heat-seeking hypersonic missiles that could hone in on stealth fighter jets, aircraft carriers and moving vehicles

Daily Mail: China claims it has beaten the United States to developing heat-seeking hypersonic missiles that could hone in on

January 3, 2022

Russia test-fires new hypersonic Tsirkon missiles from frigate, submarine

Reuters: MOSCOW, Dec 31 (Reuters) – Russia test-fired around 10 new Tsirkon (Zircon) hypersonic cruise missiles from a frigate and

January 3, 2022

Iran launches rocket into space amid nuclear talks

NBC News: TEHRAN, Iran — Iran launched a rocket with a satellite carrier bearing three devices into space, authorities announced

January 3, 2022

Japan approves $1.2 billion for missile defense, eyeing North Korea threats

NK News: The cabinet of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has approved a record defense budget of $47.2 billion (5.4

January 3, 2022

Congress gives Missile Defense Agency authority to research and develop laser tech for missile defense

Defense News: WASHINGTON — Congress is giving the Missile Defense Agency the authority to research and develop laser technology to

January 3, 2022

Iran Rained Down Ballistic Missiles On A Mockup Of Israel’s Nuclear Reactor

The Drive: Dramatic video has emerged from Iranian state television showing recent tests of ballistic missiles and other weapons aimed

January 3, 2022

Army inks $1.4B contract to integrate missile defense

FedScoop: The Army has signed a $1.4 billion contract with Northrop Grumman for tech that will integrate its missile defense