USARCENT and joint partners conduct missile defense training

May 4, 2021


U.S. Army Central (USARCENT) partnered with U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM), U.S. Air Forces Central (USAFCENT) and 32d Army Air and Missile Defense Command (AAMDC), to execute an Air Missile Defense Exercise (AMDEX) at Shaw Air Force Base, SC as well as other locations around the world, April. 12th – 23rd, 2021.

AMDEX is a semi-annual two-week exercise, designed to increase joint force engagement by simulating real life events and practicing joint responses to regional adversaries.

“Reviewing, practicing and updating battle drills, and to validate military equipment being used,” said Maj. Raymond Bresch, Operational Watch Officer at USARCENT.

By practicing these tactics, techniques, and procedures helps strengthen our teams – air, surface, space, cyber and missile defense systems…

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