US Patriot Missile Battery to Arrive in Poland for Drills in March

March 9, 2015

Sputnik News:

WARSAW (Sputnik) — A battery of US Patriot missile systems will arrive in Poland at the end of March to take part in NATO military exercises, Polish Ministry of National Defense said Friday.

“This time the deployment of a Patriot battery [in Poland] will be a part of operation Atlantic Resolve aimed at increasing military presence at NATO’s Eastern flank,” the Ministry spokesman Janusz Walczak said.

According to Walczak, the military exercises with participation of about 100 US troops and some 30 vehicles will last for several days. The battery to be deployed in Poland belongs to the US military contingent stationed in Germany.

US Patriot batteries participate in military exercises in Poland under the 2008 bilateral missile defense agreement.

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