Taiwan Tried To Sneak A High-Tech Radar Onto Its Main Island Outpost

March 31, 2021



The Taiwanese military accidentally let slip a secret—and it hints at how Taipei plans to defend against China’s most high-tech warplanes in the event of war across the Taiwan Strait.

Taiwan’s state-run Youth Daily News this week published photos depicting a Republic of China Navy landing craft disembarking, at a port in the Penghu island group, a secretive truck-mounted radar system—one that Taiwanese industry apparently has optimized for detecting Chinese J-20 stealth fighters.

The photos quickly disappeared from Youth Daily News’ website, but not before the aviation blog Alert Five took screenshots.

“Great catch!” commented Ian Easton, senior director at the Project 2049 Institute think-tank in Virginia. “For Taiwan to have deployed a mobile truck-mounted radar capable of tracking stealth aircraft to the Penghus is a big deal.”

The pics appear to depict a modified version of a passive radar system that the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology developed for the ROC armed forces…


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