SPACECOM takes over missile defense ops from Strategic Command

June 1, 2023

Breaking Defense:

US Space Command today announced that it will take over responsibility for missile defense operations from US Strategic Command, as a result of President Joe Biden’s approval of an update to the Unified Command Plan (UCP) that delineates military command roles.

“This transfer is the culmination of a comprehensive study on the roles, responsibilities and authorities associated with the Missile Defense enterprise and represents an alignment to the 2022 Missile Defense Review,” said Army Gen. James Dickinson, SPACECOM commander.

“Integration of systems and fighting doctrine is critical to modern warfare. By bringing the three mission areas of missile warning, missile defense and space domain awareness under one command as the Global Sensor Manager, USSPACECOM can more effectively integrate and fuse the sensor data for rapid detection, characterization, tracking and dissemination to ensure theaters can defeat any threat,” he said

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