Slovakia to replace US Patriot missiles with SAMPT-MAMBA air defense systems from Italy

March 15, 2023

Army Recognition:

The SAMP/T-MAMBA (Sol-Air Moyenne Portée/Terrain – Missile Anti-BAronne – Medium Range Surface-to-Air/Terrain – Anti-Ballistic Missile) is a surface-to-air missile system designed for the French Air Force and Army to provide air defense against a range of airborne threats, including aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and ballistic missiles.

The SAMP/T is produced by Eurosam, a 50:50 joint venture between MBDA and Thales. Its key components are the Aster 30 interceptor and Arabel multi-function radar. The system consists of a truck-mounted firing unit that carries 6 ready-to-launch missiles and a mobile ground-based radar system that provides target detection, tracking, and guidance for the missiles. The SAMP/T-MAMBA missile is a two-stage solid-fueled missile with a maximum range of approximately 120 km and a maximum altitude of 30 km.

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