Royal Danish Navy Orders SM-2 Block IIIA for Iver Huitfeldt-class Frigates

October 10, 2018

Navy Recognition:

The Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization placed an order for Raytheon SM-2 Block IIA missiles for the Royal Danish Navy (Søværnet). Royal Danish Navy Orders SM 2 Block IIIA for Iver Huitfeldt class Frigates 1 The Iver Huitfeldt class is a three-ship class of frigates that entered service with the Royal Danish Navy in 2012 and 2013.

FMI wants to acquire up to 50 Standard Missile 2 Block IIIA (SM-2) missiles. The SM-2 missiles are self-defense missiles that are used to combat attacking enemy targets. The SM-2 missiles are fired from the Navy frigates.

The acquisition can only be carried out through the US Navy via Foreign Military Sales (FMS). The SM-2 missiles are specially designed for shooting air targets. The armed forces shall use the SM-2 missiles in connection with the Navy’s area air defense frigate to combat attacking enemy targets.

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