Rising to the Top: New 100th Missile Defense Brigade first sergeant honors father’s service

December 1, 2020



Eugene Patton Jr. grew up in the shadow of a man whose Army career he always admired but has ultimately surpassed.

Patton recently pinned on the diamond as the first sergeant of the 100th Missile Defense Brigade Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, exceeding his dad’s rank of sergeant first class when he retired from the Army in 1976.

Patton credits his father for his service and success.

“It was good to finally surpass what my dad did,” said Patton. “On the day of my promotion ceremony, he asked me what it feels like to have a sergeant first class call a first sergeant ‘son.’ He said he always believed in me and that he knew it was only a matter of time before I reached this level.”

Patton earned the nickname “Chip” from his family who saw him as a “chip off the old block” in the image of his father. He was promoted during a ceremony at 100th Brigade headquarters in October. His dad, who now relies on a walker to get around, was driven by a family friend from his home in Tennessee for the occasion…


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