Pentagon reveals new details of Army Guard missile brigade unique mission

April 15, 2019

Defence Blog:

The Pentagon on Friday has revealed additional details about the unique mission of the Colorado Army National Guard’s 100th Missile Defense Brigade.

100th Missile Defense Brigade (Ground-based Midcourse Defense), known as 100th MDB (GMD), is a multi-component Army National Guard brigade headquartered at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado.

The mission of 100th MDB (GMD) is ground-based mid-course defense (GMD) of the United States.

“To me, it’s very simple,” said Army Maj. Jason Brewer, the chief of missile defense operations with the brigade. “If a rogue nation or other entity shoots an ICBM, inter-continental ballistic missile, at us, we intercept it.”

It’s a mission the brigade — the only unit of its type in the Army National Guard and one staffed with both active component and Army Guard Soldiers — has been doing since 2003, when it was activated. It’s also a mission that isn’t quite as simple as it may sound.

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