Missile Defense Agency Officials Hold a Press Briefing on President Biden’s Fiscal 2024 Missile Defense Budget

March 16, 2023

U.S. Department of Defense:

STAFF: Hey. Thank you for coming to the Missile Defense Agency’s briefing on our portion of the president’s budget for fiscal year ’24. Appreciate your attendance today after a pretty long day of briefings and I’m glad to be talking to you in the early afternoon rather than the early evening as we have in the past.

I’m Mark Wright, Public Affairs Officer for the Missile Defense Agency. Let me introduce you to your speakers today on your — on your right; Ms. Michelle Atkinson, she is the Director for Operations for the Missile Defense Agency.

And to her right is Vice Admiral John Hill, the Director of the Missile Defense Agency. They’ll give an opening statement. We’ll go through some slides for you and give you some additional information. You all should have picked up an MDA packet with information from OSDPA and the Press Office Center.

If you didn’t, make sure you grab one on the way out. When the Q&A begins, please wait for me to call on you and please identify yourself in your outlet when I do so and limit it to one question and one follow-up so I can try and make sure we get a pretty good crowd today.

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