Made in Mississippi: Stark delivers first missile defense canister to Israel

August 29, 2018

The Dispatch:

A new ballistic missile defense system being developed for Israel will have a bit of the Golden Triangle in it.

Stark Aerospace, located near Golden Triangle Regional Airport, held a ceremony Monday to commemorate the delivery of the first canister for the Arrow 3 missile defense system to Israel. The system is designed to shoot down incoming missiles.

The canisters hold the anti-ballistic missiles the system fires to intercept incoming missiles. They are loaded into launchers, each of which can hold six canisters. The project is jointly developed by Israel Aerospace Industries, Boeing and Stark.

Some details of the program, such as cost and number of canisters to be produced, remain confidential, according to officials on Monday, but the project has led to significant job growth at Stark. CEO Tom Ronaldi said the company has 111 employees now — roughly double the number it had a year ago.

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