Lockheed Martin eyes satellite sensor payload providers for next-gen missile warning system

October 12, 2018

Military Aerospace:

WASHINGTON – Lockheed Martin Corp. has down-selected Raytheon and a Northrop Grumman–Ball Aerospace team to compete to provide the satellite sensor payload for the Air Force’s next-generation missile warning satellite system. Via Satellite reports. Continue reading original article

This competition will be part of the first-phase contract for the next-generation overhead persistent infrared (OPIR) Block O Geosynchronous Orbit (GEO) satellite, which will replace the service’s current Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS) expected to be phased out within the next five years. The award includes development scope through critical design review.

Lockheed Martin selected the two suppliers 45 days after the company received the prime contractor award on Aug. 14. A final down-select is expected at the end of the CDR phase in 2020. The Air Force has designated the next-gen OPIR program to move more quickly to make its early missile warning system more survivable and resilient against threats from the world’s military powers.

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