It’s Open Architectures For ALL New Weapons As JROC Sets JADC2 Requirements

November 19, 2020

Breaking Defense:


Open software architectures for all new development programs will be the new requirement from the Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC), as it lays the foundation for Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) for the US military.

JROC will not simply instruct the individual services to employ non-proprietary software: it will provide a prescribed set of standards to ensure cross-service and cross-domain compatibility, Maj. Gen. Dawn Dunlop, Air Force director of operational capabilities, said today. The idea is to ensure that as new subsystems, like radar or fuzes for warheads, come on line, they can all be linked through common software interfaces.

As Breaking D readers know, the JROC — led by Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff John Hyten — is working on a set of requirements to underpin the Joint Warfighting Concept (due by the end of next month) that will define All-Domain Operations. Specifically, the JROC is detailing what capabilities and systems will be needed to enable the four subcomponents of the concept: JADC2, contested logistics, joint fires, and information advantage…


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