Israel Missile Defense Organization teases upcoming Arrow 3 test

April 19, 2019

Newsminer – Two years after the plans were initially announced, the Israel Missile Defense Organization may finally be testing its Arrow 3 defense system this year, according to hints dropped by the organization’s director at a March 24 conference in Washington, D.C.

The Arrow 3 is an anti-ballistic-missile system, which has not yet been tested in U.S. airspace. The system is designed to intercept long-range missiles at a high enough altitude that it could safely destroy a nuclear warhead.

Speaking at the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference, IMDO Director Moshe Patel said that Israel will conduct a test of the system “in the near future,” according to a Voice of America report. While Patel didn’t go into further detail, he did mention Alaska as the test location.

“… with a lot of help from the U.S. administration, Congress and of course, AIPAC, we succeeded to receive a budget to conduct a flight test in Alaska and the plan is to do it in the near future,” Patel said during a panel discussion at the conference.

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