Israel deploys first-of-its-kind laser system to Gaza border to fight incendiary balloons

August 12, 2020

Israel Hayom

Israel’s “Lahav Or” (Light Blade) laser system, designed to intercept airborne incendiary threats launched from the Gaza Strip, was deployed operationally by the Border Police for the first time on Tuesday.

Said to be the first defense system of its kind in the world, the Light Blade system will target incendiary balloons and kites, which have started countless fires in the southern border vicinity communities in recent years, as well as drones.

The past week has seen a rapid increase in incidents in which Gaza-based terrorists send explosives-laden balloons flying over the border. On Tuesday alone, incendiary objects launched from Gaza ignited 60 brush fires across southern Israel. In response, Israeli aircraft bombed Hamas targets in Gaza overnight Tuesday.

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