Hit or miss: US MDA and industry take RKV to the next level

May 26, 2016

IHS Jane’s International Defense Review:

Key Points

  • The EKV was hampered by issues at the outset including the effect of vibration on the IMU and seeker
  • RKV should improve capability, cut down on processes and lead to the transition to MOKV

Raytheon, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin are developing a more reliable warhead for the US Ballistic Missile Defense Systems’ (BMDS) Ground Based Interceptor (GBI) and ship-launched Standard Missile (SM)-3, both of which are designed to destroy ballistic missile threats.

The demand for a new warhead is in response to years of frustrating test events that have questioned the capability of the US BMDS.

Shooting down an incoming ballistic missile might be the most challenging mission the US military is asked to do.

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