Here’s how the Army’s missiles and space program office is being reorganized

August 9, 2019

Defense News:

WASHINGTON — The Army is reorganizing its Program Executive Office Missiles and Space to align with a focus on the integrated fires mission, the office’s chief said.

“This is the construct that we need to have within the PEO to be agile, to be flexible, and not just meet those requirements that we see today, but to be able to bend as needed for those requirements that are coming tomorrow,” Maj. Gen. Robert Rasch, said August 8 at the Space and Missile Defense Symposium in Huntsville, Alabama.

The PEO is moving from having eight program managers to five that all fall under an integrated fires-focused portfolio.

The five different program offices will be Fires Radars and Sensors, Integrated Fires Mission Command, Air-and-Missile Defense Fires, Operational and Strategic Fires, and Aviation and Ground Fires.

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