Good defense is the best offense with hypersonic missiles

April 12, 2019

The Hill:

The Pentagon, Capitol Hill and the White House are worried about the threat posed by hypersonic missiles and how to defend our warfighters and the homeland.

Both the Defense Department and Congress know that in war games, often sponsored by the Pentagon, the United States has always lost when fighting against China and Russia.

While hypersonic missiles are a major reason why, the defense budget before Congress fails to reflect a plan to defend against them either at home or abroad.

In fact, Mike Griffin, the Pentagon’s undersecretary of research and engineering, said on March 20: “If war breaks out tomorrow, we’re probably not going to kill hypersonic boost glide missiles.”

Mike White, Pentagon assistant director for hypersonics, added that “we are stepping out first on the offensive side.” In other words, we build our hypersonic missiles first, and build our defense to defeat enemy missiles second.

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